Sanna Yoder

Sanna Yoder

Senior Editor on the Connected Care Mobile team at Mayo Clinic

Sanna Yoder is a content strategist with an endless curiosity about how digital experiences can drive users to make healthier choices. As Senior Editor on the Connected Care Mobile team at Mayo Clinic, she leads content development for an industry-leading app that integrates practical patient resources like test results and appointment info with a fresh stream of visual and editorial content.

Sanna has tackled consumer engagement challenges from all sides of the healthcare industry. She’s been the creative lead for a Medicare marketing agency, marketing communications manager for a regional Blues plan, a consumer engagement strategist for a national wellness company and behavior design director for a digital wellness startup.

[Case Study] Harnessing Engaging Content for a Richer Customer Experience


Mayo Clinic’s mobile app serves as both a resource for patients who depend on it for tasks like viewing lab results and making appointments and as a health engagement tool to keep the brand top-of-mind for anyone who might need Mayo Clinic services someday.

In this case study, find out how a Mayo Clinic team converted a huge library of health information to an engaging, mobile-friendly content experience. Learn how core content has been enhanced with hundreds of original visual and editorial pieces – built using a repeatable process geared for high-volume production. Explore how new features like mobile notifications and content search have addressed user needs while driving to new app downloads, now 1 million+ and counting.

Three Takeaways

  • How content can serve as an engagement tool while facilitating transactional tasks and resources
  • Simple curation and metadata strategies for delivering a seamless experience using multiple content sources
  • Tips on creating mobile-first content for short attention spans