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Building a Modern Online Technical Resource Center

Customers rely on access to your content online in times of need — when things go wrong, when they need help, or when they have questions in need of answers. Increasingly, they expect you to provide a seamless, unified customer experience across multiple content touchpoints.

It’s not just about providing technical content to your support website. It’s about bringing together relevant content—regardless of the department that created it—so customers don’t have to look in multiple places for the information they need. 

It’s also about recognizing that technical content is also marketing content. Research shows that prospective customers—both B2B and B2C—use online support and technical content to research products and services long before they ever interact with your sales team. To ensure your content serves the needs of both prospects and existing customers alike, you’ll want to build an online technical resource center designed to help both groups locate the information they need.  

Information Development World 2018 is laser-focused on helping you create a one-stop shop for product information. We’ve invited experts in technical communication, product management, content strategy, content marketing, neuroscience, entertainment, user experience design, conversational content, and machine learning to help you master the concepts and ideas needed to create an online technical resource center that will dazzle both prospective and existing customers alike.

Information Development World 2018

Information Development World (IDW) is the conference for technical, marketing, and product information managers—the folks responsible for managing the people, processes, and technologies involved in creating exceptional customer experiences with content. IDW takes place November 27-29, 2018 at the Quadrus Conference Center in Menlo Park, California, the heart of Silicon Valley venture-capital land.

There’s nothing like IDW. Not even close.

IDW is an intimate, three-day, laser-focused, guided journey designed to help you return to work with a plan of attack and ideas for building an exceptional online technical resource center. We bring together an impressive roster of knowledgeable content professionals—innovators, artists, scientists, engineers, academics, and business leaders—in one big room and take you step-by-step through the topics that matter.

Shorter sessions. Laser-focused. No nonsense. No amateurs. No meaningless blabber.

Who should attend?

IDW is designed to serve the needs of the people who plan, create, design, manage, translate, prepare, and deliver content to the prospects, customers, systems, devices and to the connected machines that need it. The conference will be particularly valuable for those whose job it is to create exceptional customer experiences with content.

Questions or concerns?

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