Ray Gallon

Ray Gallon

President and Co-Founder of The Transformation Society

Ray Gallon is a co-founder of The Transformation Society, a research and consulting company focusing on the challenges of adaptation of organizations and leaders to digital transformation. He has over 40 years as a communicator, first as an award-winning radio producer and journalist, then in the technical content industries. His management experience includes a stint as program manager of WNYC-FM, New York City’s public radio station.

Ray has always been interested in the meeting point between technology and culture and has used his broad experience to advantage with companies such as IBM, General Electric Health Care, Alcatel, 3M, and the OECD, as well as in smaller companies and startup enterprises.

Ray is a university lecturer and a speaker at events throughout the world. He has contributed articles and chapters to many books and periodicals and is the editor of the recently published The Language of Technical Communication (XML Press).

Ray shares his life between the Languedoc region of France and Barcelona, Spain

Supporting the Unknown


Whether Artificial Intelligence (AI) or the Internet of Things (IoT) become technologies for development and delivery of content or not, those of us who work in technical content of any kind will be servicing industries and customers where these technologies will take on ever-increasing importance. Some things will change, many things will remain the same. The question is, how do we prepare, especially when we know so little about reality amid all the hype?

This presentation will explore the nature of support content and how it needs to evolve in the world of IoT and AI, based on these three ideas:

  • Content has two purposes: learning, and the creation of relationships. We learn from everything we do, and theories such as minimalism are based on learning theory and cognitive science. When we give support, what kinds of learning are we engaging in, and how is it different or similar to other enterprise content?
  • We build relationships through the content – relationships with the company that provides the product or service, with connected objects, with software, and eventually, with “intelligent” non-human agents. This is the key to customer experience or journey and must be coherent end to end.
  • Content design that helps us plan for the unknown is content that enables us to own the future. This requires concrete methodologies and tools for evaluation of success, and we look at some ways to do this.

Three Takeaways:

  • Customer support means learning
  • Content creates relationships – and relationships make the customer journey
  • How to think about designing for the unknown to own the future

[Panel] Convincing Your Company to Improve your Technical Resource Center


Budgets are tight. Times are lean. But you know you need to improve your Technical Resource Center. You could just hope it happens. Or, you could learn from the lessons of those who have gone before you. In this fast-paced panel discussion, Paul Perrotta will ask a panel of seasoned professionals for advice on how to pitch your ideas and secure funding. The panelists will discuss the pitfalls to avoid, and they’ll share approaches, pro-tips, and advice to help you get what you need.