Michael Lam

Michael Lam

Michael Lam, “Chatbot Hero,” is the founder of Custom Bot Design, a company focused on designing chatbots for various industries. Michael works with companies to turn their ideas into prototype chatbots with record speed while also advising them on their conversational business strategies.  

Michael is also Co-Founder of GoHire, where he was the architect of one of the first virtual recruiting chatbots on Facebook Messenger, “GoBe – the Job Bot.” The bot became the winner of the “Most Innovative Social Media Solution” for the 2017 Recruiting Innovation Service Awards at TATech.

Is Your Business Ready for a Chatbot Strategy?


Businesses are putting the cart before the horse! All the hype is distracting, and when the dust settles, and the first layer of the ‘onion’ is peeled, businesses quickly realize the challenge and complexity of creating a chatbot. A chatbot strategy is required to navigate this emerging technology at scale. Learn with Michael Lam what is involved in creating a chatbot strategy for your company.

Attendees will:

1.  Learn how to validate a use case.

2.  Learn how to build your team, your vendor, and the strategic do’s and don’ts.

3.  Understand what’s involved in marketing a chatbot.

4.  Learn how to prepare for post-implementation and iteration.