[Mini-Workshop] Content Architecture: Where Humans and Machines Agree


If there’s one thing about content on which humans and machines can agree, it’s consistency — particularly architectural consistency. Often the format, markup language, or content management approach that you use is far less relevant than the output of the content—the deliverables, themselves—in the success of content for both humans and machines. This is somewhat controversial, as much of the discussion of “structured content” dives directly to the underlying format—even though the architecture and design of the resulting experience and content within that experience should be driving those more technical decisions.

Arguably, the most critical aspect of structured content—“the architecture”—drives the success of the content for people and machines. The pitfalls of leaping directly into a technology discussion—about XML, content management systems, etc.—vs. spending the right time and focus on design can often lead to significantly less successful content, rework, and additional cost.

Attend this mini-workshop with Andrea Ames to better understand content modeling at the deliverable and experience level—not at the individual article or topic level. You’ll learn about an approach for accomplishing great content architecture (one that can save time, reduce costs, and help you use your limited resources wisely). And, you’ll discover the steps you’ll need to follow in order to successfully create—and validate—your own content modeling approach.