[Case Study] Chatbots: Content Strategy for the Conversational Interface


The future is here and it’s in your messaging app! Bots are changing how, when and where people talk to their favorite businesses. With technology that automates your transactions, customer service and conversations like never before, how do you create a user experience that also feels human?

Learn with Emily Konouchi how a team of content strategists at Facebook is tackling this territory for Messenger and discover:

  • Strategies for balancing business goals with user experience
  • Best practices for developing the strategy and content for your bot
  • Ways to adapt your voice and tone to this new communication channel
  • Tips for setting expectations with humans who think your bot can do everything
  • Approaches for those interactions that don’t go as planned
  • How content strategists collaborate with designers, PMs, engineers, etc., to develop completely new experiences in the app
  • How to define voice and tone guidelines, and educate both internal and external partners who are also creating content
  • Strategies for balancing business and growth goals with user experience and making sure people still have control over their experiences