Chatbots in Healthcare: A Case Study in Diabetes Prevention


“Bettie” is a Facebook chatbot designed to help facilitate the behavior changes necessary to prevent young adults from developing type II diabetes. Bettie Bot helps young adults track their food throughout the day though conversation. Bettie also provides daily challenges to help encourage new habits and facilitate learning. Additionally, Bettie answers questions about nutrition as well as diabetes.

Living within Bettie Bot was an A/B test that sent participants to interact with two extremely different bot “personalities”: a formal reminding bot, and a friendly never-reminding bot. This allowed us to use Bettie as a research tool to test the key mechanics within conversational user interfaces, specifically voice branding, triggers, and motivation in a case study focused on healthcare interventions.

Attend this case study presentation by Jenny Lynn Williams to discover lessons learned from a first time chatbot development project.