Rick DeNoble

Rick DeNoble

Senior Content Architect at Intuit

Rick is a content architect with Intuit. He specializes in taxonomy and linguistics, and has built knowledge solutions for e-commerce, search, e-discovery, and website navigation. Presently he is focused on consulting and evangelizing on strategic approaches to content problems. He is also prepared to defend the work of Renaissance thinker, Giambattista Vico. Beware.

Tax and Taxonomy: Managing Language about Financial Products and Services


In products like TurboTax and QuickBooks, Intuit content designers and technical writers frequently encounter challenges with the complexity of financial terms and concepts. As the organization continues to create conversational interfaces for users and as machines start to play an increasing role in the conversation, mastering taxonomy across Intuit is critical.

This case study shows how Intuit is identifying linguistic challenges across product and marketing experiences, how the organization is addressing the issues with tools and teams, and how the translation of core product experiences makes the work even more complex.


  • Struggles with terminology and concepts cost consumers and businesses money and lead to wasted time and effort on help and support calls and content.
  • Developing a rich, multifaceted taxonomy with deep subject matter expertise is a critical step in starting to deal with the struggles.
  • A number of tools and strategies exist to build a taxonomy and plug it into existing design and development efforts. We’ll talk about some of them.