Paul Perrotta

Paul Perrotta

Consultant Specializing in Technical Documentation Development

Paul Perrotta is a consultant who specializes in Technical Documentation Development, Team Building, and Management issues, based on 30+ years of experience in team leadership and building high-performing technical communications teams. Core areas of expertise include executive leadership, technical and product documentation, content development (intelligent, automated, agentive, digital), people management, operations management, and building collaborative environments.

Before he began consulting, Paul worked most recently as a Senior Director of Information Experience (iX) / Solutions and Services at Juniper Networks, Inc. His organization focused on solutions development and delivery (as a partner to product information teams), overall iX business intelligence, operations, and shared content services such as illustration, editing, and production support.

Prior to Juniper, Paul spent ten years at Cisco Systems, Inc. in San Jose, California and spent his last five years there as the leader of a global network management technology documentation team consisting of 80+ information developers, editors, contractors, and managers who documented 80+ products across several product sites in America, Europe, and India.

Before joining Cisco, Paul was a writer and manager at Pyramid Technology Corp. in San Jose, California. When the team was outsourced to EDS, Paul expanded his role to that of operations manager for the EDS presence at Pyramid before moving to become the operations manager and acting account manager for EDS at Fujitsu Microelectronics in San Jose, California.

Prior to Pyramid and EDS, Paul worked for ROLM Corporation, IBM/ROLM, and ROLM Systems.



[Panel] Convincing Your Company to Improve your Technical Resource Center


Budgets are tight. Times are lean. But you know you need to improve your Technical Resource Center. You could just hope it happens. Or, you could learn from the lessons of those who have gone before you. In this fast-paced panel discussion, Paul Perrotta will ask a panel of seasoned professionals for advice on how to pitch your ideas and secure funding. The panelists will discuss the pitfalls to avoid, and they’ll share approaches, pro-tips, and advice to help you get what you need.