Mike Rice

Mike Rice

Customer Success Manager at Jorsek LLC

Mike Rice is a user-centered professional with over 20 years of experience in technical communication, and a tested eye for transforming how information is managed. Mike is thrilled to be supporting information professionals using easyDITA and to help them focus on their content, its meaning, its value, and its connections.

Forget Artificial Intelligence: Stop Squandering Human Intelligence


Before you’re ready to answer your customers’ questions, you need to ask some of your own: Where is the information leaking out of my content? How can I capture the human intelligence that went into writing the information in the first place? Where does my information development process have too much friction?

Find out how asking and answering these questions can help support your information developers as they create understandable information and actionable intelligence for both humans and bots. Identify your information leaks and learn how to stop them. Learn how to remove friction to stop wasting people’s time and to transform your information development and delivery process. Create the future by leveraging your intellectual property.