Eeshita Grover

Eeshita Grover

Senior Manager, User Content at Cisco

Eeshita Grover is an experienced professional of 20+ years with a career equally divided across writing, teaching, and leading content creation and delivery teams. Eeshita has been with Cisco for the past 13 years building and driving innovative content strategies with an emphasis on delivery for the web, mobile web, and video. Eeshita has led content design and presentation for quality and ease of consumption. Leading change in mindset of writing teams has been one of the key contributors to her success.

[Case Study] Content UEX: Quality versus Quantity


Designing the content experience revolves around the quality and the quantity of content. Answering questions like what kind of content, how much of it, and where should it be located are prime in a content professional’s mind. In her talk, Eeshita will discuss and share the pillars of content user experience — both quality and quantity. The attendees will learn techniques and processes to enable quality and monitor quantity of valuable content.