Bill Cava

Bill Cava

Chief Product Officer at Orbita

Bill Cava is Chief Product Officer at Orbita, a Boston-based provider of conversational platform technology and solutions to the healthcare industry. Bill has over 15 years of experience as a software executive. Bill is a published author, a technology adviser, founder of the NH Data Science Group, and holds multiple patents in information retrieval.

Building a Voice-Enabled Question and Answer System


If you’ve ever used a smart speaker, chances are, you’ve asked a question. “Alexa, when is Mother’s Day?” “Hey Google, is bronchitis contagious?” Question answering is the #1 use case for smart speakers. A recent report, however, shows smart devices often fail to provide accurate answers, especially to basic health-related questions.

Using healthcare as a framework, Bill will discuss:

  • Current approaches for building natural language question-answer systems
  • The challenges of voice-enabling existing digital content
  • The importance of balancing automation with curation