Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas

Senior Director of Marketing for SDL

Andrew Thomas is the Senior Director of Marketing for SDL, and has been working in the software industry long enough to have seen localization and content management grow from one-off manual, labor-intensive work to complex, highly automated systems management. He has witnessed first-hand the transformation of lengthy, complex, and expensive on-premise deployments to fast, simple, affordable SaaS solutions. The only true constant is change, and Andrew believes in embracing that change while striving to inspire others to jump on the bandwagon as well.

Omni-Channel Content for Customer Journey Continuity


Today, customers choose their own journey and every touchpoint matters. Each one is built upon content, and their impact lies in making sure your customers get the information and experience they need and want, at the moment they are looking for it.

Omni-content describes the way an organization as a whole supports, builds and drives customer loyalty, with any content in any language, at any stage of the customer journey, on any channel at every moment. Companies now need to blend their marketing, commerce, and self-service into a single holistic experience, making content from everywhere in your organization available in the moment your employee or customer needs it. This presentation describes the challenges and potential solutions to achieving omni-content.