Technical Resource Centers: Enduring Consistency Across the Entire Customer Experience


To serve and satisfy information-hungry consumers, we need to make changes to the way we organize and deliver technical content to those who need it. A technical resource center is a one-stop shop for product information designed to serve today’s savvy content consumers. Think of it as a modern version of online help, but designed to be useful to both prospects and existing customers alike. Creating a unified product content portal isn’t a new idea, but few organizations have done it right. It’s about time that changed.

In this presentation, Val Swisher will discuss the characteristics of a modern online technical resource center. She will talk about some of the challenges involved in re-thinking how you create, manage, localize, organize, and deliver product content to those who need it. And, she’ll provide a preview of the lessons you’ll need to learn in order to be an agent of change for your organization.