WordLift is the Italian startup which developed the homonym plugin for WordPress.

WordLift: the AI Plugin for WordPress

WordLift uses AI to grow organic traffic by translating articles into machine-friendly content that chatbots, search crawlers, and personal digital assistants use to engage with the audience.

The evolution of today’s search engines and the rapid adoption of personal assistants (PAs) – capable of understanding user intent and behaviors through available data – require an upgrade of the existing editorial workflow for bloggers, independent news providers, and content marketers. With voice search coming on strong, websites now have to struggle to be on top of search results, by bringing targeted information. With voice there are not many alternatives: either you get featured on Google, or you get nothing.

In this context, data curation and metadata management become crucial tools to help bloggers, news publishers, and content marketers create the added value required to build a direct relationship with their readers.

How WordLift works

The processing is done in the cloud: thanks to Natural Language Processing technology, WordLift analyzes articles and transforms text into metadata. Data is automatically published as Five-star Linked Open Data and made available to machines.

Once WordLift adds a layer of metadata to a text, it opens a wide range of new opportunities: content writers can enrich their websites with semantic content recommendations, automatic interlinking, data visualizations and free images. As a result, the user experience becomes richer and more engaging, translating into a longer time spent on the page, more pages visited and a larger number of satisfied returning users.