Story By Design

STORY BY DESIGN provides research, testing and strategy for digital products and services. In addition to utilizing established methods and deliverables, SbD leverages 20 years of experience in the film industry to evaluate and develop your online presence as a digital story experience. As your analytics may be telling you, basic functionality is no longer enough.

A successful online experience today must DELIGHT its users. But what exactly is delight? How do we construct it? Can we measure it? Analytics and traditional heuristics tell you a lot about WHAT a user is doing but precious little about WHY. It is here that fluency with story comes in.

Interaction design, as a time-based art, calls up your users’ most basic experience model – story. Let us assist you in bringing to light the underlying expectations your design evokes so you can deliver the optimal experience for your brand. We provide consulting services and, on occasion, embed with teams for sprints. Please contact us to discuss your needs.