Sarah Vande Loo

Sarah Vande Loo

Sarah Vande Loo is a senior health knowledge architect with Mayo Clinic’s Global Business Solutions. In her role, she is responsible for developing innovative products and services that use interactive, rules-based content. She leads the decision support team in building algorithms and authoring solutions for flexible delivery models to create once and publish to multiple platforms and interfaces. Sarah also leads projects and enterprise-wide activities to advance use of decision tree and algorithm-based technology. She holds a Master’s in Information Architecture and Knowledge Management from Kent State University.

[Demonstration] Nurse Avatar Delivers Mayo Clinic Symptom Care Advice


Mayo Clinic and Sensely are collaborating on solutions that allow people to receive trusted health guidance and information, leading to more appropriate diagnosis and treatments. Sensely’s proven, empathy-first patient engagement platform leverages Mayo Clinic symptom triage algorithms to deliver care advice. Using both voice and chat functions, the Sensely virtual nurse “Molly” asks symptom-related questions, and through branching logic provides personalized health information and care recommendations such as to see a provider, go to the emergency room, or manage symptoms at home.

In this presentation by Sarah Vande Loo, audience members will learn how Mayo Clinic symptom triage algorithms are structured and delivered to the Sensely app; how content is adapted for voice and chat features, and challenges and lessons learned in developing content for voice and chat interfaces.