Ryan MacCarrigan

Ryan MacCarrigan

Founding Principal at Lean Studio

Ryan MacCarrigan is the Founding Principal at LeanStudio, a Lean Startup coach, consultant, and university lecturer. Ryan has leadership experience in product management, marketing, and user experience at technology companies in New York City, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley. Prior to founding his consultancy LeanStudio, he led marketing at several high-growth startups, including Lean Startup Machine and Advisor.

Ryan is a proponent of building balanced, cross-functional teams that apply the core principles of Lean Startup, Lean UX, Agile, and Kanban in an effort to break down silos and improve team performance. He has facilitated Lean Startup training, workshops, and consulting projects across the United States, Europe, and Asia—helping thousands of product managers, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders validate and launch new products faster. Past clients include SanDisk, News Corp, Disney, LG, and Singularity University.

[Keynote] Applying Agile and Lean Thinking to Content Development and Delivery


Ryan MacCarrigan’s keynote will cover the growing role of Agile Development and Lean in the context of content development and delivery—where complex content is the “product” and the end goal is to shorten cycle times, eliminate waste, or improve measured business outcomes without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

The audience will learn:

  • How to structure strategic content development in a similar fashion to the Agile product development lifecycle
  • How the “Build-Measure-Learn” framework of Lean Startup fame can be applied to rapid content testing and delivery
  • How developing a Lean mindset can help content-driven organizations break down silos and “Fail Fast,” improving overall institutional knowledge.