Lee Engfer

Lee Engfer

Senior Editor, Mayo Clinic

Lee Engfer is a senior editor in Mayo Clinic‘s Global Business Solutions division, which delivers integrated, market-leading health and healthy living solutions to patients and consumers throughout their health journey. Since joining Mayo Clinic in 2012, Lee has managed strategy, development and delivery for content across digital and print channels, including the Mayo Clinic Diet web and mobile platforms, corporate wellness programs, and books. Previously, Lee worked as an independent consultant specializing in health and wellness content. She started her career editing nonfiction books for children. Working on a book about epidemiology inspired her to move into the world of health information. 

[Demonstration] Mayo Clinic First Aid: A New Alexa Skill for Health Guidance


Mayo Clinic First Aid is a skill developed for Amazon’s Alexa voice service that provides self-care instructions for dozens of everyday mishaps and other illnesses or injuries, such as spider bites, sunburn or stroke. A small team at Mayo Clinic partnered with a voice-first technology developer to adapt existing digital content for a voice interface. With Lee Engfer, you’ll get a start-to-finish overview of the process, including a demo of the skill.

You will learn how the team created the skill using voice-first technology. And you’ll discover how the content is structured and tagged to support conversation. Challenges and lessons learned will also be discussed.