Lauren Golembiewski

Lauren Golembiewski

Lauren Golembiewski is CEO and Co-founder of Voxable, an agency that builds conversational interfaces for products and companies. Lauren has a wealth of experience leading design strategy for early and mid-stage startups as well as large enterprises. At Voxable, Lauren applies her design and user experience expertise to build usable and delightful conversational interfaces for Voxable’s clients. She’s well-known for her in-depth knowledge of the underlying technologies.

Introduction to the Elements of Conversational Design


Getting voice right means understanding the essentials before you get started. This session aims to equip you with a foundational knowledge of conversational design, including the basics of the core technology behind conversational interfaces.

With Lauren Golembiewski, you’ll learn the importance of applying user experience principles to conversational interfaces, gain insight into the value user experience patterns can provide, and you’ll discover how to avoid making the mistakes made by those who came before you. You’ll leave understanding some of the many ways you can use conversational interfaces, and the considerations you’ll need to make before you start designing content.