Doreen Hinton

Doreen Hinton

Product Manager, Digital Platform Experience, Autodesk

Doreen Hinton started her career in consumer software as a producer and has since traversed various roles, from front-end web development to QA, to her current role in product management. She values her ability to build collaborative relationships with her teams while leading them through ambiguity.

What’s Your Problem? Creating a Project Brief to Build Consensus


Do you see a problem that is so obvious that everyone should see it, but they don’t? Do you have great data about a pain point for your customers, but don’t know where to go with it? In this session, we’ll talk about project briefs — what they are, and how they can be an invaluable tool for building consensus and getting your stakeholders and teams on board.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to pull together various data points into a cohesive project brief
  • How to use a project brief to effectively present the problem/issue
  • And, importantly, why a project brief isn’t the right platform for solutioning