Alex Masycheff

Alex Masycheff

Alex Masycheff is a co-founder and CEO of Intuillion Ltd. that develops solutions for managing and automating content. Alex has been developing solutions for authoring, structuring, publishing, and managing structured content for over 20 years. Prior to founding Intuillion, Alex served as content architect and product manager helping organizations in various industries, including hi-tech, finance, manufacturing, aerospace, and government, transform content into a revenue-generating business asset.

Alex’s current focus is on building solutions that help companies realize how structured content enables them to take customer satisfaction to a fundamentally new level.

How Do Chatbots Work?


Chatbots are an emerging content delivery channel that promises many significant benefits to the companies that launch them. Implemented well, content consumers benefit, too. But how does a chatbot work, exactly? Join Alex Masycheff to discover how to provide content to chatbots, and what are the issues that we need to consider to do so successfully.


[Mini-Workshop] The Secret of Chatbot Content Success: Metadata—Mapping User Intent


A workshop with Alex Masycheff designed to teach you about the importance of metadata (what it is and what it’s not) and how it can help you map chatbot content to user intent at various stages along the customer journey.

You’ll learn:

  • How metadata helps chatbots find relevant information
  • How to understand what metadata is required
  • How granular the content needs to be
  • Why and how chatbots need to be trained
  • What it takes to scale and train the chatbot


We’ll start learning the essentials of the chatbot technology by building a simple chatbot that will be able to answer simple questions. Then we’ll add another level of complexity by making possible user’s questions more realistic to see when structured content enriched with semantic markup and metadata comes to the stage and what it takes to make the chatbot smarter. We’ll discuss how to identify the metadata that lets the chatbot find the relevant content and how granular the content should be. Then we’ll make it even more complicated to understand what it takes to scale the chatbot and how it’s possible to reduce the cost of the chatbot training.

You’ll see a real-life chatbot integrated with a content database and using intelligent content to find answers to user’s questions.