The Value Proposition of Content Strategy


The NetApp content strategy team is driving a wide-reaching effort to simplify content creation, sharing, delivery, and content management systems reduction. Anna Schlegel will share how her team is leading an enterprise-wide effort to build a more connected content experience at NetApp with sponsorship at the CEO and SVP level across the entire organization.

In this presentation, attendees will learn how to design a corporate content strategy, streamline the content ecosystem, obsolete unnecessary content, and formalize content governance. The key to this effort is selling the value proposition such as reduced cost, reduced complexity, and a better customer experience.

Anna will help you understand how to identify key players, navigate internal politics, and set the stage for content strategy success company-wide. You’ll leave knowing how to set the right goals, create teams, develop leaders, and utilize tracking methodologies.


  • Setting the stage across the whole company for success
  • Identifying key players and navigating internal politics
  • Identifying the right goals, teams, leaders and tracking methodologies