[Keynote] Understanding Agentive Technology


Advances in narrow artificial intelligence make possible agentive systems that do things directly for their users (like, say, an automatic pet feeder). They deliver on the promise of user-centered design, but present fresh challenges in understanding their unique promises and pitfalls. They challenge strategists and product owners to think in new ways, since they deliver value mostly when the user isn’t paying them any attention.

Join Christopher Noessel of IBM as he introduces us to the concepts from his new book, “Designing Agentive Technology: AI That Works For People” (Rosenfeld Media, 2017).

Attendees will learn what agentive technology is—and what it isn’t—and why it matters to businesses and consumers alike. You’ll leave understanding how agentive technology can be used to solve practical problems and what impacts its adoption may have on content professionals. And, you’ll discover why we are increasingly moving from systems that help to systems that do.