[Keynote] Human vs Machine: Conflict or Collaboration?

Unless you have been vacationing on Mars for the past couple of years, you know that AI, machine learning, and cognitive computing are the hottest things in digital experience since HTML 1.0. And as a savvy content professional, you know that 80-90% of the digital experience is content. Content is the conversation we have with our prospects and our customers. Content carries the client relationship into the digital realm.

So how does content fare in this new, smarter digital space? What impact does machine-based experience have on the content that we create and the content experiences we want our customers to have? Must we learn an entirely new way of doing things? Or is the Machine Age just forcing us to adopt content-creation approaches that we should have been using all along? Is the development of human-readable content in conflict with the processes and designs we must follow to create good machine-processable content? Or is the content more similar than not?

In this opening keynote address, content experience strategist, Andrea Ames, will discuss the importance of making our content both human-readable and machine-processable. You’ll discover how doing so can help you ensure you are providing the best content experiences possible.