Chatbot Content Management


As organizations move aggressively to understand the kind of content that drives chatbots, there should be an equally aggressive investigation of the systems for managing chatbot content. Effective management of such content requires two capabilities: 1) searching for content quickly and with pinpoint accuracy, and 2) expanding the storage system without impacting retrieval times. A component content management system has a better architecture than a document- or file-level content management system for delivering these two capabilities. The differences between these two types of content management systems are not noticeable when a proof-of-concept chatbot is driven by 10, 100, or even 1,000 strings.  However, as chatbots become increasingly sophisticated, the underlying content expands to more than 10,000 strings.  Within a few years, chatbots will be driven by 100,000 or even 1,000,000 distinct strings of content, and the CCMS architecture will outperform the traditional CMS architecture at these levels of scale.

In this session, Eric Kuhnen examines the mathematics of chatbot content management and explains the expected performance profiles of content management systems optimized for XML and for non-XML content. Attendees will understand how CCMS technology delivers superior performance in both Search and Scale versus CMS technology.